Our Services

Our friendly certified mechanics are equipped with all the skills and state of the art equipment to handle all services and repairs and get your car back on the road in no time. From a simple engine oil change to car brake repairs, WoF’s, and inspections, Motor Works is your one stop auto shop in Christchurch.

Repairs and Servicing

We specialise in imported vehicles both of Japanese origin or more recently European vehicles. We have worked with some of the major car dealer franchises in Christchurch and have worked on in excess of 10,000 vehicles during the last seven years.

This means that because of the diverse range and the large number of vehicles we see, most problems associated with your vehicle we have encountered and are familiar with.


Skilled Mechanics, Quality Work, Great Service, Reasonable Rates

MTA Quality Assured

Mechanical Repairs

All types of mechanical repairs undertaken by suitably qualified technicians such as:

Tune ups with the latest diagnostic scanners

Brake & clutch repairs and replacements

Automatic transmission repairs & servicing

Cam Belt replacements

Auto Electrical repairs

Exhaust repairs & replacement

Full tyre service & new tyres

CV & Steering rack boot replacement

Latest fuel system cleaner for petrol & diesel

There is also a towing service available from Motor Works for mechanical repairs.

Vehicle Compliance & Lapsed Registrations

Compliance checks are necessary safety inspections completed before a newly imported vehicle goes on our roads for the first time.

Motor Works can handle vehicle compliance for newly imported vehicles or vehicles where the registration has lapsed for more than one year.

Vehicle Servicing & Warrant of Fitness

Our lube and warrant of fitness team can expertly handle all types of cars, 4WD’s and trailers in an efficient manner.Service options include Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Refer to list below for standard service checks completed:

Check Battery Leads

Check C.V. Boots

Inspect Exhaust System

Inspect Axles and Driveshafts

Check Steering Components

Check Spare Wheel

Check Brake Fluid

Lube Door Hinges and Locks

Check and Clean Battery Terminals

Check For Fluid Leaks at Wheels

Change Engine Oil Filter

Check Auto Transmission Oil

Change Engine Oil

Check Gearbox Oil

Check Diff Oil

Check Tyre Tread Condition

Check Fanbelts

Check Clutch

Check Antifreeze Level / Quality and Change

Check and Adjust Tyre Pressures